Fill2pure Ltd (Water Filters)

Fill2Pure Ltd (Water Filters)

Fill2Pure Ltd (Water Filters), , Whitianga 3510

We supply portable water filters including stainless steel water filter bottles, plastic water filter bottles - including those for overseas and 3rd world travel.  We have 2 types of water filter Jugs, one which filters 99.99% of contaminants and the other which filters out the same contaminants and also alkalises the water with added minerals by raising the pH level of the water.  Our water filtration technology is very advanced, we have over US$1million of testing on our filters done by our USA suppliers, we also publish all of our test results (see our website for more details).  We remove 99.99% of aesthetics (tastes and odours), biologicals, chemicals, heavy metals and dissolved solids, we also remove 90% + of Fluoride. We also remove giarida and cryptospordium with our Advanced Filters.  We leave in beneficial trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium.  With our Advanced Filter we remove 99.99% of Viruses and diseases, great for overseas travel.  

We also carry a range of USA made shower and bath filters which remove chlorine, heavy metals and soften the water.  Using a shower or bath filter is great for softer hair and skin and reducing the chlorine smell.  We sell online and distribute to customers and retailors from our warehouse in Auckland but we live in Whitianga.  Call us anytime on Free phone 0800 000 707 for more info.  We also stock our product in Unichem Pharmacy in Whiianga , if they do not have a particular item in stock please ask them to order it in for you.  

We also offer a locals Whitianga Discount Code to be used on any online purchase from our website for 15% off all items.  Plus we have no courier fees. The discount code is whitiangafill2pure, don't forget to enter this code into the discount box before you complete your check out.  The website is www.fill2pure.co.nz  We also distribute in Australia, so for any customers wanting to buy in Australia our website is www.fill2purefilters.com.au