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Matarangi & Whangapoua

About Matarangi

Lying halfway between Whitianga and Coromandel town on the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway, Matarangi is a scenic 2.5 hours’ drive from Auckland, Hamilton or Tauranga. A fully serviced housing resort, Matarangi is the secluded sand spit that forms the northern edge of the Whangapoua Harbour. The region was developed in the 1980s as a purpose built resort town. During the New Zealand summer holiday period of late December to February, it becomes home to more than 7000 residents.

Matarangi Beach is a 4.5 km north-facing white sandy beach, directly south-west of the Coromandel’s Great Mercury Island. The Matarangi area offers a range of interesting activities and attractions for visitors including including a world class golf course, public tennis courts, and is a great spot for enjoying the ocean including swimming, fishing and other water sports.

There are a number of well-maintained walkways that are perfect for family biking or walking excursions, allowing you to conveniently explore the beautiful natural beauty on offer in this special part of the east Coromandel coastline.

About Whangapoua

Whangapoua has a good surf beach and a large harbour. Whangapoua beach is popular for swimming, body boarding and surfing, fishing, exploring rock pools and much more. The harbour and estuary provide calm crystal clear water great for those wanting to swim, canoe or water ski in calmer waters. Opera Point, just south of Whangapoua, preserves an ancient pa and a 19th century sawmill site.

For those looking to explore the Coromandel, this region of the Peninsula is most certainly worth a visit. Whangapoua & Matarangi are located only a short distance from the larger retail centre of Whitianga.

New Chums Beach Walk

Just north of Whangapoua beach, a pleasant 40 minute walk brings you to the secluded New Chums beach. One of the regions best kept secrets, the Lonely Planet Guide named New Chums Beach one of the top 20 must see beaches in New Zealand. The beach is accessible only by boat or foot. To find the walk, cross the stream at the northern end of Whangapoua Beach and follow the rocky foreshore around to the headland.

You can learn more about New Chums Beach Walk and other great Coromandel Peninsula walks on the Department of Conversation website, here.


Above: View of Whangapoua beach from the north, on the walk to New Chums Beach.


Whangapoua Beach near the walk to New Chums Beach

Above: Looking inland from Whangapoua Beach, near the start of the bush walk to New Chums Beach



Above: The beautiful New Chums Beach - Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand