Dive Zone Whitianga

Dive Zone Whitianga

Dive Zone Whitianga, 10-12 Campbell Street, Whitianga 3510

We are blessed here on the Coromandel Peninsula with arguably the best diving in NZ, from shore, from boat or from kayak, no matter what day of the year, there is always good diving conditions, prolific fish life and endless dive sites for the beginner and the advanced. With this and all the other natural wonders in and around Mercury Bay, we believe it to be the best location in New Zealand to come to dive and to learn to dive.

Dive Zone Whitianga will give you an unforgettable learn to dive experience.  Learning to dive will open up endless opportunities for fun, relaxation, sport and fitness, leisure, companionship, travel, adventure and excitement here in New Zealand and around the world.

An orca teaching her calf to eat a stingray, inquisitive dolphins, and tiny schools of fish flitting through a colourful array of anemones, coral and kelp are just some of the attractions that bring hundreds of people to discover what lies beneath the waters around Mercury Bay. We're just so incredibly lucky that Mercury Bay and the islands off here (Great Mercury, the Alderman Islands) are so diverse in terms of dive options and also so very rich in sea-life.  Our region is one of our biggest assets. For diving we have spots that are accessible for all types of conditions and diving experience, from off straight off the beach right through to reefs and marine reserves.

Let us show you our playground.......